mccArts Announcement: GROW!

In our current model of ministry, the only time and place that our production and worship teams have to grow together – be it our roles, relationships, or our connection with God, is during run-thrus on Thurs night and Sun morning. Our staff believes run-thrus on Thurs night and Sun morning have reached is cap on growing our team. Our growth is critical as it is God’s approach to having his kingdom grow through the work at MCC. Are you ready to reach further into your region with the gospel? Are you willing to have your wants be put the test? If we say yes to these questions, then our growth is critical for his kingdom’s sake.


Ben, Bill, Becky and I have taken a long hard look at the level of effectiveness of our model. We measured it in key areas:


  • Growing our current team depth. Are we creating the best opportunities for our teams to connect relationally and spiritually?

    Our times of Communion backstage are important for focusing on Christ. But on days we are serving, much of our spiritual growth is during service as we serve together.  I’d be a rich man if I had a dollar for every time someone told me that ‘the one thing they missed about having rehearsal night (several years back), was the time we had in the Word and the time we had to connect with one another’. Run-thrus don’t create the best opportunities to connect spiritually and relationally.


  • Growing our team width. Do we provide a safe place for onboarding new volunteers and training them to be successful in their roles?

    Run-thrus provide very limited time for a new production volunteer to learn their role before service begins, nor do run-thrus provide a new worship team volunteer the opportunity to gain experience in our band setting before taking the stage to serve.


  • Growing our worship services. Are we creating the space needed for improving and creatively enhancing what we do and how we do it?

    We have reached the limit on how useful run-thru time is in developing our team musically. Run-thrus are a tricky time to change parts, change sound effects, give and receive feedback, etc. Our worship volunteers need more time and space to get to know each other musically and figure out ways to be better together. Run-thru time is not ideal for production volunteers who need to discover creative ways to design the worship environment.


  • Growing our leadership. Is our staff leadership working smarter, closer and stronger together as we pray for One, launch campuses, evaluate services and build teams?

    On services days, our staff is serving in specific Production roles. Run-thrus limit our time to work together on training and investing in our teams.


GROW is the new name given to every Tues night in mccArts.

It will be the night where a scheduled group of production and worship volunteers will come together to hangout, spend time in the word, serve in our roles. Whether you are brand new to the team or you’ve been serving for 30yrs (there’s a fewJ), this evening is for all of us.


In the same way that we are committed to serving, we are committed to growing. In general, every volunteer is expected to attend GROW when scheduled. We understand you may need to decline from time to time, but please work with team leader to reschedule.


GROW begins Tuesday, March 13th:


6:30-7pm Spending time together and studying the Word

7-8pm Serving in our roles, working together and learning new things



ATTN Worship Volunteers

  1. It’s not a rehearsal night for the team serving that week. Becky Carlile will schedule you to attend on a week(s) that won’t interfere with your serving schedule.

  2. Anyone is welcome to attend GROW on Tues night even if not scheduled. Come hangout, study the Word with us every Tues if you’d like, or stick around to show your One something they might be interested in doing to get connected.

  3. We’ll likely choose only 2 songs to prepare for our time in working together.

  4. Your next step is to click here to review the Ministry Handbook and complete the commitment form.


ATTN Production Volunteers

  1. You may or may not be scheduled for Grow regardless of if you are serving that week or not.

  2. We will be diving in depth to the songs that are prepared for the evening. There will only be a few songs selected so that we can spend more time on each one